Thursday, May 29, 2008

Amy and Eddie

Last weekend was a lot of fun. The 2008 Wedding season started out right for me. I left the beautiful blue, sunny skies of Seattle on Saturday night and flew to San Francisco where I was greeted by gray skies, cold weather and sprinkles of rain. It didn't look good. I was pleasantly surprised when I woke up on Sunday morning however when I saw that the skies were blue and the weather was just right. Not too cool, not too hot...a perfect day to get married.

The first time I had met Amy and Eddie was on their wedding day. Upon meeting them both separately (they weren't seeing each other until the ceremony) it became very clear immediately that they were absolutely perfect for each other. Both Eddie and Amy were beaming with happiness. Each with a highly contagious, radiant smile on their face all day long. It was so much fun to watch them with each other and with their great group of friends and family. From the beginning until the end they each enjoyed their wedding day to the fullest.

With their wedding coordinator Shannon Berryseeing to all the details while we were off in a limo shooting pictures on a pier with a view of the Bay Bridge the Old Fed aka the Bentley Reserve in the heart of San Francisco's Financial District was converted into an elegant ballroom filled with amazing flowers and happy people.

The entire wedding day was so much fun and it was an absolute privilege to fly down to photograph it. I hope to shoot more weddings in the Bay area for sure. Here are a few of my favorite photo's from the day. I'll post a link to a slide show when it is ready.

Mat Hayward

This was a seriously funky statue in front of the Bently Reserve
Makeup time for the bridesmaids
The Happy Bride getting her hair done.
Her dress was stunning!
A little bubbly in the bridal suite.
Makeup and Champagne..this bride knows how to get ready!
I love shooting the details on wedding day.
Every other car was honking and shouting out their congratulations while the ladies were getting their photo's taken.

I like how this shot catches just a bit of the motion in her hands. The harp is a beautiful instrument.
A fun moment before the ceremony.
Mom, Sister and Bride moments before the ceremony.
Something caught Amy's attention and I caught this photo as a result. My wife was ooing and ahhhing over her eyelashes in this one :)
Seeing each other for the first time.
Amy's expression says it all.
Getting frisky in the middle of the group!
Is it obvious these two are madly in love with each other or what?

A lucky gust of wind just after the portrait session.
A few ladies from the bridal party checking out a funny photo.
It's hard to resist shooting pictures when the kids are twirling :)
Fun on the dance floor
One of the "best men" giving his toast.
First Dance
There was some serious dancing going on at the reception!


Cory Parris said...

Great work, Mat! You have some beautiful captures and wonderful moments. Very nice!

Meg said...

Oooh that wedding gown has to be my favorite out of all the wedding shots I've seen - So gorgeous

Anonymous said...

that's one lucky groom. great pics!