Friday, May 23, 2008

Queen for a Day

For the past three years I have had the privilege of documenting a wonderful event through my photography at the Embassy Suites Hotel in Lynnwood. Pastor Judy Hoff puts together a huge event with hundreds of volunteers to bring in dozens of women from shelters around the state. These women inevitably show up on the bus with looks of apprehension and skeptisicm. They are immediately greeted with a hug from Judy and escorted down a red carpet by a Navy man in dress uniform. They enter the lobby to find hundreds of volunteers cheering wildly. They are then escorted into a dining room where they find entertainment and a gourmet meal.

After lunch they head out to get a new wardrobe, massages, makeovers, hair cuts/styles, foot cleansing, manicures, pedicures, waxing...the works! It's amazing. That is followed by a ceremony where they announce that they are a Queen and they receive a rose.

The transformation in spirit from the time they arrive to the time they are at dinner is awe inspiring. These once somewhat shy, apprehensive women are filled with laughter, tears of joy and they all have a certain indescribably swagger to their step that says "Yeah, I still got it!" It's a great event and I am proud to donate my time to it.

You can view my slideshow of the most recent event here.

The following is a letter and request from Queen for a Day....

This only takes a second, but could have a huge impact on the work we do
to help women from local shelters and transitional housing!

There is an article about the event on The Readers Digest website and a chance to win a prize which could enable them to help even more women! Please, if you'd like, they need your support by visiting the Reader's Digest web page and voting for the event at:

Readers Digest Web Page
To Read and Vote: Click on Judy Hoff and read the story at the bottom of the article right below MUST READ then, click on Yes! I vote for this story

Then Click on our DVD to watch and rate our story you will see the five stars click on them and your vote has been tallied. We can watch our popularity grow.

You can vote every day!!! Please pass this on to everyone you know.


John said...

Darn you Mat. I'm going to stop reading your blog. You made me cry last year with this shoot, you made me cry last week with my daughter's engagement pictures, and now again here I am embarrasing myself sobbing like a little girl. You got the touch dude. Great work once again. Just stop making me blubber. JM said...

Mat, I love the photos of Queen. You are such a great photographer. I will hire you some day! Wendy Wilson Grace, Lens-Art Photo Studio