Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Girls of the Grille

I love this alley! It reeked of urine but sure was cool looking.

Loving the S curve, Chelsea was a natural model and did a great job.
This picture is going above the urinal in a public restroom :)
I went ahead to set up my lights and grabbed this shot as they were making their way to where I was at.
I keep thinking a Vampire would hang this shot in his kitchen.

Somebody should feed this poor girl, she was starving!

Continuing to work on next years calendar for my friends restaurant the Vista Grille I went to Reno with a couple of the servers. Here are some of the shots.

Sparks and Quincy

There is a picture of this horse that I took years ago hanging up in my daughters room.

Hungry Horse.
Peaceful, quiet, calming. I love coming here.
Years ago when these benches were just days old Dave, another friend Alan and myself branded this at around 4:30 or 5:00 in the morning. A night to remember (though I didn't remember much)!
Does this look like a great place to drink a cold beer or what?

My friend Mark singing a hit tune "Crusty Member" on his porch overlooking all of Sparks and Reno.
One of my favorite places on Earth is the Greenhorn Ranch in Quincy, CA. Traveling to Sparks to visit some friends and shoot some pics I convinced my friend Dave to drive out to the Ranch to grab a cold beer and some photo's. He begrudgingly accommodated my insistent whining to get me to shut up about it and he enjoyed himself. I love road trips, I love beer, I love nature and I love photography...what wasn't there to love about this trip?

Sonoma Part Deux

Shortly after this shot was taken I stripped out of all my clothes and ran through the vineyards jumping, skipping and singing the whole way. My butt is still purple! Is that too much information for the blog?

Ferrari Carano
These grapes will probably be used for Two Buck Chuck at Trader Joes :)

Fat Mat in Hog Heaven


A portion of the view at the incredible Ferrari Carano winery.
Can't you just picture yourself sitting on a hay bale in the loft with your feet dangling out the window reading a good book and drinking a nice glass of Cabernet?
I love how the color of the unripe grapes match the changing leaves.
I took a day trip out to Sonoma today to shoot some picture of grapes. I fell in love with the place. Near a town straight out of a Norman Rockwell painting called Healdsburg on a road called Dry Creek as well as small, rural roads beyond I found thousands of acres of grapes. Some of the leaves were just beginning to change color. Here is a small sample of the pics I shot.