Thursday, January 28, 2010

A quick brag

I thought this was too friggin cool. On the Fender Web Page Blog found here they have a link to Nirvana's video Smells Like Teen Spirit. Just under it is a link to the photo's I shot of the guitar replicated from the video for our new sign at the Seattle Hard Rock Cafe!

Bad Ass!

Monday, January 25, 2010

Hard Rock Cafe Seattle!

With my obsession with Facebook I admit that my blog has taken a backseat to frequent posts. I can see at least one of you spitting hot coffee out of your nose as you read that. OK, so maybe frequent is a word I shouldn't use in this context.

I have an excuse! Honest, I swear! Don't hold it against me!

As many of you know, I spent most of 2009 out of the State and have been spending 2010 gearing up for the Grand Opening of the 21st Century! I am proudly one of the Managers at the brand new Hard Rock Cafe in Downtown Seattle. This place is going to be so bad-ass I can't even describe it!

Cutting-edge, state of the art technology, an amazing layout that covers 3 floors. Live shows several nights a week on our second level and an unprecedented view of the Pike Place Market from our roof top terrace. We've got a great staff to start things off right and trust me y'all, this place is going to be smokin hot!

After this long process I thought this time would never arrive. It's getting real now! They just hoisted the Hard Rock Sign and mounted it today. It's a Kurt Cobain Fender Mustang replica and the first inverted guitar sign in Hard Rock history.

I slapped on a hard hat and hung outside all morning waiting to get these shots. Check it out!

This shot gives some perspective on how close we are to the Pike Place Market...Just a Fish Throw away!

This nice guy was hanging out across the street smoking his pipe and watching the excitement. I felt compelled to grab a shot and he busted out in his best rocker pose for me.