Thursday, May 08, 2008

The Deadliest Catch

Left to right: Jake Anderson, Norman Hansen, Sig Hansen, Edgar Hansen, Matt Bradley

Tonight the crew of the Northwestern featured on the popularDiscovery Channel show "The Deadliest Catch" stopped by the restaurant for dinner. They were nice enough to sign some autographs and pose for this photo in front of the restaurant. They've got a clothing line out at Helly Hansen.

I'm not going to lie, I was pretty nervous when they were ordering King Crab for dinner. They said it was good and this group of guys don't seem like the type to BS you so I was pretty darn happy about that.


Anonymous said...

Ah man, Keri is all upset, wishing she was there, because we love that show -watch every episode-and those guys are our favorite boat. Good to know they were cool.

You will have to send Keri a picture,

Stay sweet Mathew Patrick

The Agent!

Anonymous said...

Wonderful pictures. Enjoyed looking at all in your blog. Love Deadliest Catch photo. The other fav is the couple with Seattle skyline as backdrop. Am midwesterner from Ky,Ind, Ill, Mi, but love pics with the towns ID in them. Your site was commented on by F/V Northwestern Forum which brought me here. Come join us anytime. Best wishes to your continued success.
CJ Hoehne,Wolverine22

Anonymous said...


Wow, what a terrific shot. Not exactly an easy assignment when it is entirely unplanned!


Dan said...

So now you are a "Wildlife-Action/Sport-Portrait-Wedding-Celebrity Photographer/Restaurant Manager" now? Dude, your title is not going to fit on your business cards.

Mat Hayward said...

LOL! That does sound catchy! I'll have to use a smaller font though :)

Thanks for the comments everyone!


Jayme M said...

I think that Jeff will like this pic more than any from our wedding day... He is a die hard "Deadliest Catch" fan!!
Keep up the great work Mat :)