Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Travel season has begun

When I look back on 2008 I imaging I will reflect on the summer as being a season filled with travel. Amy and Eddie's wedding in San Francisco. This week I am on a much needed vacation from the restaurant. Sunday Lea, the girls and I drove out to the coast to spend a few days at the beach. We arrived and the weather was great so we took advantage and hiked to an abandoned road we had discovered a couple of years ago for a quick photo session. It was wise that we did so as the weather turned nasty and fast! 70mph winds were rocking the house we had rented. We stayed in a house that was built on stilts so when the wind was blowing we felt it! There is something about sitting on a couch in front of a warm fire, looking up and watching the ceiling fan swing back and forth. I thought it was cool, Lea thought it was cause for concern. Either way it was pure heaven spending a couple of uninterrupted days with my amazing family.

I just recharged my batteries, packed a bag and I'm posting this quick blog before I hop on a plane and fly to Alaska for a fishing trip. You know I'll be posting pics asap.

I'm in the process of changing my main web page so I need to upload these pics the old fashioned way.

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mkwonthego said...

Mat-what great shots of AK. So glad you had this experience! I can only imagine how wondeful the pics from Africa will be. Yes, Summer of 2008 will be a memorable one for you no doubt!