Sunday, February 15, 2009

Where have I been?

The new lions at Woodland Park Zoo are very photogenic.

I have been a horrible blogger! Ugh! Well...where the heck have I been? What's my excuse. I was reminded tonight that people do actually read this thing so I felt compelled to make a quick post.

One reason for my lack of blog updates is that I haven't really been picking up the camera much recently. Life has a funny way of keeping you busy even when it doesn't seem like you are getting much done. This is a photo blog after all and if I don't have any new photo's to upload, I shouldn't babble on too much.

I did make it to the Zoo a couple of weeks ago. There is a new pair of Lions on display out there and I was able to grab a nice shot with the two of them.

The other shot is kind of funny. One day at the restaurant, out of nowhere, this rooster appeared. He's been banged around a little bit since then but when you catch site of him from the corner of your eye, believe me it looks pretty realistic. Well, it's been used in gags for a few weeks and last week early in the morning I had to open the safe, when I did, this rooster fell out and scared the crap out of me. One of the managers I work with got me pretty good. I promised to get her back but all of my attempts had been pretty weak. So this week I get a box delivered via UPS from some random Asian man and wouldn't you know it, there's the Rooster. Ha Ha, it didn't startle me, but I've got to give the managers some credit for originality. Well, the rooster is in my possession and I need to think of something good to do with him. I'm probably going to print this photo off and hang it in the restaurant for now with no note or anything. I haven't mentioned receiving the rooster yet so the photo should put them on notice that it is definitely on. I know I have some devious readers out there so if you have some suggestions on the best way to terrify a friend using a fake rooster I am open to suggestions :)

Thursday, February 05, 2009

My effort to stimulate the economy

In light of the recent, what are we calling it now? Oh yeah..the economic dung pile we are all a part of I thought I would do my part to help stimulate the economy while we wait for President Obama to remove some of the pork from the "stimulus" bill he is attempting to pass right now.

I have drastically reduced the prices on all sizes of prints for sale at I promise with the profits earned to spend the money as frivolously as possible just like former President Bush always encouraged us to do while he simply sent us checks to stimulate the economy.

Please take a moment to check out the site. I have a great number of images still to add to my wildlife photography web page so check back often.

Thank you!