Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Robin Williams

Easily the funniest man in the world...Robin Williams. He flew up to Seattle to do 3 shows at a super cool club downtown called the Showbox at the Market. The club only seats around 500 people so it was a very intimate show. Not a bad seat in the house.

I read in Steve Martin's book Born Standing Upthat when he became a huge mega star he would perform in huge arena's with tens of thousands of fans and the show lost it's appeal and wasn't as fun for him any more. If a heckler in the front was being obnoxious he couldn't respond because the people way in the back wouldn't hear the heckler and would have no idea what he was responding to. That was not the case here for Robin. There were a few people in the crowd that perhaps had over-consumed a bit and let me tell you something...Robin Williams ripped them apart! It was seriously funny! "Don't $%@# with me woman! I do this for a living!" was one of my favorite quotes of the night. Obviously, Robin Williams is one of the biggest stars in the world. He's performing in Vegas at the MGM Grand at the end of the month and I'm sure he'll get a fat paycheck for it. He performed Sunday, Monday and Tuesday this week and all the proceeds from each show went 100% to charity. How cool is that? I would imagine it must be fun for him to get back to his roots and play these smaller clubs every now and then. The show was called "Working on New Material." I don't know if it was literally for that reason, if so..he's got it down pat because I couldn't breath through most of the show I was laughing so hard. I wouldn't do any of the jokes justice by typing them here. If he puts out a DVD you should buy it!

We previously met Robin back in 2002 in Portland after his show. He came out and was greeted by a group of people hoping for an autograph or a photo. That night he didn't leave until everyone got to say hi and get a signature. At the time I told him my wife didn't really want the autograph, really she wanted a hug...He gave her the biggest hug of her life and a big wet kiss on the cheek. He was so incredibly nice, funny and generous with his time and made us so happy.

At that show, I didn't know I would get to meet him and I didn't think to bring my camera so no photo's. Last night I hoped to meet him again so I stashed my camera in the car. After the show we ran back to get it and ran back to the club. Minutes later he showed up in the back and there were about a half dozen or so of us. His car pulled past us to a different door so he could jump in and not be bothered. He clearly looked very tired yet he ignored the car and went to us to sign autographs and pose for these two photo's. I have said before and I will say it again...Robin Williams is a class act and if you get a chance to see him live...DO IT!

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