Monday, May 26, 2008

San Francisco

Today is my beautiful bride Lea's birthday. We started the day pretty far apart. Myself in San Francisco where I spent the weekend to photograph the awesome wedding of Amy and Eddie. Lea down in Eugene with her family where she was showered with gifts and very thoughtful cards letting her know the tremendous impact she has on the lives of those lucky enough to have her as a part of it.

I wasn't going to do the "touristy" stuff in San Francisco but found myself with an extra hour or two before I had to leave for my flight so I hopped in a cab and checked out the Golden Gate Bridge. I snapped a few pics, cruised over to the observatory for a couple more pics, flew back to the hotel to pack (it's amazing how big an unorganized mess can pile up in a short time when Lea isn't around to keep me in line:).

Of course there are many photo's to come from this weekend. I will blog more soon!


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