Thursday, May 01, 2008

Jen and Tyson

Here are a few of my favorite photographs of Jen and Tyson from last Sunday. We started out at the Tulip Festival. Normally there is a field of Tulips I visit yearly that is a sea of colors. There are hundreds, if not thousands of people typically wandering around and a small army of Tulip Protectors yelling at people to stay out of the flower paths. I was a little disappointed to see there wasn't much color. We paid the fee to get in the official Tulip Festival and got some shots inside. I loved shooting Jen and Tyson because they were pretty much up for anything. At one point, Jen and Tyson climbed up into a tree in the middle of the festival. Shortly after, I joined them in the tree for a better angle! I'm sure we looked like quite a site, but I love the pics so it was well worth it!

On our way out to the car, I wanted to check around the corner behind a building. Most of the flowers in the field we say were discolored and dying. Not a great photo op. There was one patch of flowers that were filled with yellow and went on forever. Because we weren't at the popular Tulip Fields (which we later learned were only about a half mile away) there wasn't anyone around. We had the place to ourselves and were able to get some really great photo's because of it.

After that, we drove up Hwy 20 to find an old abandoned building for some moodier shots. I was like a kid in the candy store at this place. We had only 20 minutes or so to shoot there so unfortunately we didn't get to explore what I am sure are many more incredibly great spots. If anyone reading this is looking for some grungy/moody portraits...I know where we can go!

Thanks Jen and Tyson for your sense of adventure. I can't wait for your wedding in August!

You can view a slideshow of the E-Session here...Jen and Tyson

The gallery with all of the images from the day is here...Photo Gallery

Very romantic
Too much fun!
Sometimes to get the shot, you've got to do some climbing.
All alone in the field of flowers.
I love this photo!
Is this place cool or what?

It was risky hanging out in this attic as there were holes everywhere! The risk paid off though..I love this shot.

What a cool wall! The Paintballers made it even better!
I love the mood of this shot.


Randy said...


Great images from a great session with this couple. My favorite is the two of them in the attic. The light is beautiful and very dramatic.

Looks like you really stepped up your game on this shoot. Very creative and lots of variety, you must have been inspired! :)

Great work as always...happy shooting!

Anonymous said...

Mat, Those are great pictures, Jen looks so happy!....Mom

John said...

you know how to make a proud daddy smile! Great Shots!

Sergio said...

Great session, my favorite is the tree shot. It paid of getting up there. I love it!