Thursday, April 26, 2007

The Rainforest Cafe

We had a great time for Sophie's Birthday at the Rainforest Cafe. I gotta tell you, I'm in the restaurant business so I know what I'm talking takes a special kind of person to work at a restaurant like that! Wow, lots of kids, lots of noise, activity. Loads of fun to eat there, a great experience. But to work there....yikes.

Sophie was very proud to wear her birthday ribbon and told everyone she was the birthday girl. She absolutely loved the Frog photographed here. While he (?) stopped by our table for this photo, that wasn't quite enough for her. She followed him around every time she saw him. We were seated next to the elephants which scared the crap out of her until I told her that the loud noises they were making was elephant language for Happy Birthday Sophie! At that point, she thought they were pretty cool. The Gorillas though, there was no convincing of anything, they just scared the crap out of her.

So, another birthday gone by. Hard to believe she's 3. Two weeks until Savannah's birthday.

See you in the funny pages,


Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Sophie's Birthday

Thursday April 26, 2007 Sophie is turning 3! It's hard to believe. When Savannah was this age, Lea was delivering Sophie. I hope that Lea isn't getting any wild ideas at this stage of our lives. Especially since my operation...yikes!

We are heading to the Rainforest Cafe for dinner ( tomorrow night. Lea spent the afternoon making and decorating a great Princess Ariel Cake. Check this thing out, it's awesome. Right now Sophie's favorite princess is Ariel, though if we put the right DVD in, her favorite princess can quickly switch to Jasmine. Of course she will be spoiled rotten. I will not promise to upload any pics tomorrow, but I will do my best. So many new photo's in my computer right now. I really need to get busy on this blog.

Be sure to call and wish Sophie a Happy Birthday tomorrow!

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

I haven't forgotten

No excuse, just been a bit lazy lately.....a new blog post is on the way I am sure. I can tell you about breaking my lens at the Tulip festival, our trip to the Zoo, my big news at the zoo, moving up through the ranks at Fotolia, my wedding anniversary (April Fools Day...yes, I do know I'm behind!), sticking one of our frogs on Savannah's head for a photo op. I'm sure there are around 100 other things I've forgotten but I will do my best to catch up soon.

See you then!