Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Happy Halloween!

Howdy Y'all!

It's been a spooky day here in the Puget Sound! We hit the Alderwood Mall to do some serious Trick or Treating where my Whoopie Cushion Costume was considered cute by the girls in Victoria's Secret until I pulled out the big guns...my Fart Machine! Woohoo, everybody loves a Fart Machine! Well, everybody but my wife who was forced to endure it for about 6 hours tonight :)

After the Mall we headed out to Cory and Leslies house for some Pizza, Sugar and Good Times. Trick or Treating is enhanced by sub freezing temperatures. Well, that's my story and I'm sticking to it. It's amazing to watch Savannah trick or treat. She was literally running from house to house. She was having a great time and raked in a serious hall of candy. Sophie had a good time too, but it's a lot easier for her being hauled around by her Mom Dorothy.

Friday, October 27, 2006


The way I see it, Marriage is about compromise. Give and Take. If you don't give, you shouldn't take. Now, in my marriage as some of you know, if I don't give I don't have the option to take so I'm going to compromise publicly. Tonight I was feeling a bit...hmm, well for lack of a better term...random. I was looking through photo's I haven't finished and there is a folder with about a trillion pics from my birthday on June 12 (mark it in your calendar if it isn't there already, I like vintage PEZ and Canon L lenses). One of the pics from that day I did finish for whatever reason was a photo of a boot. Yep, a boot. Not my boot. Not Lea's boot, nor either of the girls. Just a boot on a wall. Why it was on a wall I don't know, but it was a boot. I took a picture of it, I processed it before a million others but I couldn't tell you why. Nor could I tell you why I felt compelled to post the picture of the boot on the blog tonight when I should be in bed getting rested so I can give a big meeting early in the morning for all of my eager staff members (there was a sarcastic tone there in case you didn't pick it up.) Anyway, I told my beautiful wife whom I love and adore with all of my heart that before I went up to bed I was going to post the pic of the boot on my blog. She in her feminine tone of disapproval asked "aren't you going to post a pic from the pumpkin patch?" Me in my infinite wisdom didn't pic up on the fact that this was not merely a comment or suggestion but rather a serious comment that should have been perceived as a deadly threat should it go unheeded. Needless to say I am posting a photograph of my beautiful family (and me) on my blog for you all to see. This was taken last Sunday at "The Farm" where we joined our friends the Parris family to get Pumpkins, go in mazes and all that fun stuff. My friend Cory who happens to be one of the top wedding photographers in the Seattle area (http://www.coryparris.com) was kind enough to take the photo for me.

Oh yeah...I'm still posting the pic of the boot :)

Monday, October 23, 2006

Big News

Two big news items to report actually...

#1...The photo's from the Greenhorn Ranch Wedding are done and available for everyone to view! Click this link to see them (if the link doesn't work, go to KKstudioconnect.com and enter username Jeff and Jayme). http://kkstudioconnect.com/apps/customer/index.php?clientID=4656&albumID=5525

Thanks to everyone for your kind words and your patience while waiting for these to upload.

#2 Big News...I'm going to be on the sidelines at Qwest Field for Monday Night footbal November 6 photographing the Seahawks/Raiders game! I can't even describe how excited I am about it! I'll be one of those guys with the green jersey and my own number and everything! I'll probably text my wife from the stadium with my number and she'll post it here on the blog. That way if you're watching the game you can watch for me in the endzone when the Seahawks are scoring their inevitably large # of touchdowns. Even if Matt Hasselbeck is out for 4 weeks with an injured knee it is going to be an incredible experience! Talk about a bummer with Hasselbecks knee though. Shawn Alexander should be back in it by then, but it will be nice when all of the superstars are healthy again.

Monday, October 16, 2006

A couple more

Well Crap, the Blogger doesn't seem to be in the mood to let me upload pics right now. I'll try again a little later.

Check out these horses and you will be able to see that love was clearly in the air at the Ranch. Speaking of the Ranch, check out their web page here http://www.greenhornranch.com/. Not a bad shot on their front page eh?

I've found a couple other of my photo's on web sites recently...go to http://www.zoo.org and click on the carousel tab to see a picture of my youngest daughter having fun on the new carousel at the zoo. If you feel like digging further on that site, go to the Animal Facts page, click on Gorilla's and check the links on the facts about Woodland Park Zoo's Gorilla's group one and group two. Most of those shots are on display at the Zoo now too and I found out last week that one of my other Gorilla photo's is going to be on the cover of the Zoo Magazine next month! I'm very excited about it!

By the way, I love reading your comments and again, I really appreciate your comments. I've been getting a few emails from people that were wanting to post comments but couldn't do so without signing up for Blogspot. I've changed it around so you can post without being a member (choose anonymous). Just be sure to sign your name.

Take care,


Friday, October 13, 2006


Here is a pic of the Father of the Bride. The pond at Greenhorn Ranch was filled with Trout and Geoff was quite the Fly Fisherman.

A couple more

Hey everyone, thank you very much for the kind words! I thought I would post a couple pics from the night before the wedding before I call it a night.

The guys at the bar are Ralph, Ellie and Bill. Ralph is in the middle, he owns the Ranch along with his great wife Trish. Ellie is the furthest from the shot, he's a retired rodeo guy whose son is the Marlboro Man and Bill is one heck of a great guy with an awesome sense of humor who was nice enough to let me sleep in his deluxe Winnebago the whole week.

The Frog Racing was too much fun. I don't even know how much money was raised all said and done, but I know the first Frog shattered the previous Ranch record by nearly 400%! I'm sure I'll be posting a couple more photo's from the Frog race because it was just too dang funny.

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

The Bride and Groom

I just learned that Jeff and Jayme (The Bride and Groom) are back from their honeymoon so I thought I would post a couple of photo's of them during the sunset on their Wedding Day.

The horses above were released just after the Bride and Groom said their vows. If you've never had an opportunity to witness a hundred horses running full speed up a mountain I highly recommend you do it. The sound is thunderous, the ground shakes and I get goosebumps just thinking about it. Really an incredible experience.

Saturday, October 07, 2006

An incredible Wedding

Hi everyone,

It has been too long since my last posting I know...truth is, I've been incredibly busy, but in a good way. Last week I flew down to a Guest Ranch near a small town called Quincy in California where I spent four days documenting an incredible wedding event that included horse rides, frog races, fly fishing, camp fires and more. The Bride and Groom were incredibly great as were their families and friends. As I am typing this, I am waiting for Photoshop to catch it's breath as I've been spending virtually all of my free time working on the nearly 6,000 images I shot over the course of a few days! My shutter finger is still sore :) I haven't even gotten to the wedding day yet in my editing but thought I might post a couple of pics from the day for y'all to check out.

Be sure to let me know what you think.