Friday, April 24, 2009

Today's Pics from San Francisco

A day off today inspired a very long walk that took me through China Town where I saw live frogs being decapitated (sorry, no photo's allowed..yuck!), turtles awaiting the next slaughter, fish flopping on counters, live chickens, guinea fowl, quail, a pig sliced down the middle and much, much more...mmmmm makes me hungry just thinking about it :)

From there I went through the Financial District, near the Bay Bridge, back up the water and all over the place. It's great exercise and there are so many super cool things to look at. I wonder what tomorrows adventure will bring!

A long exposure shot from my apartment window late at night.
I love the cool houses here
I had breakfast at Curly's this morning and it was fabulous!

A beautiful Church
A detail shot of the church
My wandering led me to China Town in San Francisco
A quick snack in Chinatown
Dried Octopus...yummy!
Daffy, Daisy and Donald RIP

Another cool alley in China town
Fish Head or GeoDuck anyone?
This was one of the smaller shops where I was allowed to snap a quick photograph
I am loving all the super cool memorabilia at the San Francisco Hard Rock Cafe!
Detail shot of a guitar owned by Lenny Kravitz

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Anonymous said...

Megan loves Lenny Kravitz!!!! she will love that!