Friday, April 03, 2009

The Rooster Prank

For my last week at the Fish House some of my co-workers took our fake rooster prank to a brand new level by capturing and leaving in my office two live Roosters to scare the crap out of me first thing in the morning!

At the time I thought I was completely alone in the restaurant. It turned out I wasn't. A bartender, server, Manager and Executive Chef were hidden in small, uncomfortable places totally out of site and totally hidden! The videotaped my response and I am a bit embarrassed about the language I used throughout the ordeal so I won't be posting it here I'm sorry to say. I need to put some soap in my mouth..seriously. But it did freak me out so I'm sort of excused.

What a great prank! My hat is off to Kim (the apparent mastermind, Geoff..Mr. Devious, Nate...psycho videographer and Paul the Rooster Wrangler. Great job guys! You really did get me!

Geoff is on the bottom of this arch nemesis in the prank really got me good and I'll never forget it! your backs :)
The Rooster in the chair you may remember from an earlier blog post. The one on the floor on the left was HUGE!
From what I understand they were all fairly relieved when I started to laugh.
Man! They really got me good!
Crazy Nate
Paul, the Rooster Wrangler
Kim on the right was apparently the mastermind behind this great gag.

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