Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Happy April Fools Day

Those that know me, know I love April Fools Day. My patient wife Lea was kind enough to even marry me on April Fools Day. Yes, today is our 9th Wedding Anniversary. It's hard,'s impossible to imagine that anyone would stay married to me that long but Lea is a determined woman. Anyway, I've got a funny idea for a picture to represent our Anniversary but we're about to head out for some Sushi to celebrate so it'll have to wait.

In the mean time, I was just reminded that I forgot to post my Octopus Pics here. It's sort of an April Fools theme. Every Month for the past billion years or so I have produced a Calendar to be sent out to all the McGrath's restaurants in the company with necessary information for the appropriate month..paydays, restaurant anniversaries, deadlines for projects, specials and whatnot. I've always tried to get creative with the images but wanted to do a good one for my last month. So, they got a big fat shot of my mug with a slimy octopus on my head. I will say for the tasted friggin gross!

I couldn't let the opportunity to terrify my children pass me by of course so I set up my lights and told Savannah I had an awesome surprise for her to eat so close your eyes and get ready....

To my awe and admiration, she didn't even freak out a little bit. It still made for a good photo op though :)


Anonymous said...

i'll bet that octopus on the plate picture turns out to be one of your best selling stock pics!
Unca J

Anonymous said...

that is awesome! gma