Saturday, April 25, 2009

Saturday in San Fran...Golden Gate

Do you suppose the shoes are code for something?

I loved the pattern these wind tools made.

Which did you see first? The ladies or the pillars?
A cool 1941 Pontiac in the parking lot at the beach.

Yep, it's confirmed...I'm in California. No Palm Trees in Seattle (not to mention the Golden Gate Bridge)
Gettin down and dirty to get the shot.
The wind was so intense when I was taking this photo I was clutching my camera with white knuckles while looking straight up. Talk about vertigo!

I was about done shooting the bridge walking across it when I looked back and saw the sun creating this cool halo effect. Had to shoot it.

Did you ever wonder what the underside of the Golden Gate Bridge looks like? Now you know!
This dude was having some serious fun in the high wind.
Whew! A seriously long walk today took me from Russian Hill to Golden Gate and back. Me very tired. I don't remember the last time my feet hurt this much!


Anonymous said...

wow!! those are great.. How did you get the underside of the bridge? I saw the ladies first. Does that mean something? My favorite out of all those pics is the pic of the bridge thru the flowers on the ground....keep up the great pics. love, Mom

Megan said...

I got vertigo just looking at the stuff

Anonymous said...


I love the picture of the bridge and the flowers. I hope things are going well for you there. Have fun! Can't wait to see more.