Thursday, November 29, 2007

Random Photo of the Day

This is a shot of McKala. I'm sure I'm spelling her name wrong...sorry about that Mick-Ayy-Lah.

Anyway, she's one of the gals on the opening team in Federal Way I told you about before. Every month I print a calendar for all the restaurants in our company and I put interesting, unique photo's related to the Fish House on it. I was going to feature this pic of MicEighLuh on it but she wasn't at the Fish House when I tried to reach her to guage her sense of humor level before publishing this image for thousands to see. So I was nice and didn't use it quite as much. Instead I am now publishing it on my blog for millions to see (well, the blog could take off like never know :) Anyway...everyone say hi to Mychayla, my random photo of the day!

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