Monday, November 12, 2007

Grand Opening!

I have worked for McGrath's Fish House for over 19 years now in a variety of positions ranging from Dishwasher to General Manager. We open our 20th restaurant in Federal Way, Washington on Tuesday at 5PM. I had the distinct privilege of helping out over the weekend. These amazing men and women are working day and night. Literally from 8AM until at least Midnight or later every day of the week. Last night they finished the final VIP dinner. It was a tremendous success thanks to the hard work by everyone photographed below (click the image to view a larger version) and their great staff. Opening a restaurant is one of the most challenging, intense experiences in the world. In addition, it is one of the most rewarding, exhilarating experiences because it pushes your personal envelope and challenges you in many ways physically and mentally. When you walk away from a successful opening you can look back with tremendous pride and say to yourself "Wow, I did this! If I can do this, I can do anything!" That is more true than anything else I can think of. I am proud of everyone on the team and have absolute confidence that through them and with the tremendous team they have hired in Federal Way that restaurant is going to be extremely successful. Congratulations to you all and I'll see you at the game tonight! Go Seahawks!

Oh yeah, I meant I'm proud of everyone except Tiffany whom by default I cannot give praise to even though she is an incredibly talented and hard working woman...she is rooting for the 49ers tonight so her and I are not friends at this time. Tomorrow, after the Seahawks have dominated and embarrassed her "Team" Tiffany will also be counted as one of the people I am proud of :)

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fotodaddy said...


I was killing time in Seattle today and clicking through some blogrush widgets. Your blog came up again!

It was great seeing you at the Fish House yesterday. How you find time to do it all is beyond me. And not only do you find the time, but you do it well.

Congratulations on the Grand Opening. I know you worked hard to make it happen and it shows in the team you have working with you.

And yes, you can do anything!

Best wishes!