Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Livin the dream!

I do love my life! If I had to describe it in a word, that word would be hectic. Sometimes things can be a bit overwhelming, but the truth is I wouldn't have it any other way. I remember the last time I was caught up on things. It was back in the summer of 2002. I remember twiddling my thumbs and being a bit bored. The way things have been ever since have prevented me from ever feeling boredom again! To my family members...yes, I still have the RAW files from last Christmas and I am sure I will get them edited some day. To my wife and kids...yes, I still have all the Disneyland pics. They'll get edited...some day :) Ryan, I know I've got some great shots from the Zoo. I'll get them to you asap, I promise!

Truth is, I've been very blessed with an amazing family including a beautiful wife and two incredible daughters as well as many tremendous opportunities in my life that have helped mold me into the person I am today. Everything happens for a reason. I firmly believe that. In addition to my incredible family, I have been blessed with the gift of photography as well. It is rare to be able to do something that you love. To have a genuine passion for something and to get paid to do it is incredible! Last night a friend of mine from Portland Randy Kepple stopped by the restaurant with his daughter and we had a great conversation. His daughter is so patient as so often happens when photographers get together we talk about what I know when Lea is around those conversations, her eyes roll in the back of her head and she starts speaking in foreign tongues. The girls start ripping the heads off their My Little Pony Dolls and flushing them down the toilet. Randy's daughter is 16 so she had control of the urge to destroy things but I was extremely impressed to see a teenage girl with a level of maturity that kept her from text messaging anyone and everyone. Instead, she kept right up with us in the conversation and Randy tells me she herself has a great eye for photography.

Randy sent me a link to his blog today and I was humbled by his kind words. He's one of the best bloggers out there and one of the best photographers for that matter as well so you should be sure to bookmark his blog and check back on it frequently. He's always got something interesting to say and he says it well. Thanks again Randy! Here's the link... The Unauthorized Blog of Randy Kepple


Jennifer said...

It is wonderful when you can spark up something in a teenaged person. The level of excitement in them is not matched by any other age group. This is a wonderful story...thanks for sharing.

fotodaddy said...

Thanks Mat for the kind words. You know I'm a big fan. It's nice to get feedback. It keeps you going when you think no one is reading your blog, so keep on writing brother and being inspired and inspiring others with your life.

I still don't see how you do it all. You make me feel lazy and I thought I was busy! That drive last night home had me thinking of you making that drive to Federal Way to open the new restaurant. I don't see how you do it. They would have to pay me a LOT (I mean a LOT) of money to deal with traffic like that every day!

Have a great Thanksgiving. Hope you get to see your family for once.