Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Random Photo of the Day

This Snow Leopard in the Woodland Park Zoo is pretty tricky to get decent photo's of. For one thing, she is almost always near the back of her habitat. The glass for the main viewing area is as thick, uneven and just plain bad as any I've seen for taking photo's through. I got lucky a couple of weeks ago as she was out and about. This photo wasn't shot through the glass, but rather through a chain link fence. It was pretty funny because she is a pretty good sized cat. She was agitated about something and she made her sound to express it. I expected a roar or at least a growl. Instead she sounded like my house cat Jasmine and had a sweet little "meow."

1 comment:

John said...

awesome picture. one of those you can just stare at. I do think he would win a stare down though. I'd probably just run and scream like a little girl.