Sunday, August 13, 2006

Seattle Mariner's

Well, after the ugly performance by the Superbowl Champion Seattle Seahawks (you all know who really won that game!) last night against my friend Dave's Dallas Cowboy's I thought this would be a perfect time to post some pics from the Seattle Mariner's game my brother, his family, my family and I went to on 7/23 when they smoked the Red Sox. It was a lot of fun. You can see a slideshow of some of the photo's I took here...

I've been vegetating in front of the computer all night and day. I have to go to work tonight for my favorite past time...period end inventory. Beyone that however, I am not getting up from this computer until I catch up!

See y'all later!


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Pete Hayward said...

That was an awesome slide show, dude! Awesome. I loved the Vince one where his tongue was out, the one with my neck looking stretched out, and the one with Savannah on Lea's back. Can you mail me that on a cd? I will send you check or money order or dried beetle dung