Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Holy Moly

Wow am I behind! Well, since today I heard from more than one person that I have been grossly negligent in updating my blog I have taken it to heart and updated it :) Since my last post we have taken a trip to Ocean Shores. I photographed Nicole and Andrew's wedding and last week was Adrienne and Colin's wedding. I've been taking a lot of photo's and will be heading out with my buddy Cory to another wedding this Sunday. I'd better start charging my batteries :)

So this is just a quick update. The photo's here were taken at Ocean Shores on an old washed out road on the way to see Washington State's most famous Shipwreck. For some reason I really like these photo's a lot as they make me think about the girls looking ahead to the future. Without getting all sentimental I believe that their future is bright and I hope to take them to this road for similar photo's throughout their lives.

Take care y'all...I promise I'll try to update this Blog on a more regular basis!

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