Thursday, August 24, 2006

Abundant Adventures in Canada!

I have a million stories to tell (well, at least 8 or 9 anyway) but I'm pooped. We just got back from a great trip to Whistler, BC. If you have never been....go! The entire town is full of charm. Everything is clean, the people are nice, the food is good, the Hotel's are beautiful. Tons to do and see! In a nutshell, Lea forced me on a bike ride that I couldn't tell you how far was because everything is in Kilometers out there. I can tell you this, we saw 3 lakes on this bikeride, the air was thin we were up so high and 2 days later I still can't sit down without making a conscious decision as to which cheek to lean to (think about it, it'll come to you). Anyway, I think it was around 1,000 Kilometers. Probably like 500 or 600 miles. It was far!

Then we went up a mountain where the sign was posted in Kilometers and Feet because us Americans couldn't believe how high up we were...6,000 feet! This was the day after our 800 mile bike ride! While you might think being up over 6,000 feet was adventure enough, we saw two bears! I've posted a photo of the first one we saw. He was close enough to snap this photo which should answer the question for those of you not certain..Yes, Bears shit in the woods. The other picture is of our family at a famous statue/landmark that is on all the Whistler Brochures so we know we were cool to be there. Let me just stress again, look at the picture..we were wayyy up there. OK, I'll confess...we didn't hike it. We took a Gondola up. It was a cool ride too. Whistler is famous for being an incredible ski town though many people visit in the summer. The ski lifts are in action for all the intense, extreme bikers that fly down the mountain. They sell the hemmoroid (sp) cream by the gallon there let me tell ya (I know because I bought 2 gallons).

Oh yeah, my wife snapped the photo of me upside down to show off just how much hair I have lost. Yep, it's pretty much gone. I was on a Bungee jump doing one of my many flips in the photo. I won't tell if the flips were on purpose or not. I'll post more pics later with more details on the Bungee jumping. For now, I'm hitting the sack. I'm photographing a Wedding with Cory Parris tomorrow then Sara and Jesse's (engagement pics below) wedding is on Saturday. No rest for the weary.

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