Monday, August 14, 2006

I was so close

Well, after a weekend of non-stop Photoshop and Full Tilt Poker ( Sign up for a new account and enter the bonus code PEZHEAD to receive a 100% matching signup bonus on your first deposit) My girls have returned! I was mauled by Savannah and Sophie. Lea was glad to see me too (until she realized I hadn't fed the fish or cleaned the litter box the entire time they were gone.)

I was so proud as I thought I was completely finished with my backed up photo's. As I was organizing my hard drive tonight however I realized I never even looked at the photo's from the 4th of July. So close, yet so far away as I also noticed the photo's from our trip to the North Cascades on my birthday was only partially completed. Sighhhh. There are some pics from the 4th on this post.

Sara and Jesse got to see their engagement photo's from last weekend. They couldn't decide on their favorite for their 11X14 so they narrowed it down to 2 and had me choose. I think I chose wisely for them :) I can't wait until their wedding on the 26th. They are a great couple and a lot of fun too! You can see many of their engagement shots here...

See ya next time!


1 comment:

Meg said...

What a neat slideshow... they should play that at their wedding!