Thursday, October 09, 2008

On Display

For the next several months I am proud to announce that I have around 35 images from my Wildlife Photography Web site on display throughout the Alderwood Mall. The Alderwood Mall is one of the biggest and busiest malls in the Seattle area so I am very excited for the exposure.


Jan Klier said...


Congrats. That's a very cool opportunity and nice reward for taking all these beautiful pictures.


Randy said...

That's quite an investment of time and money to put on a display like this. I hope you sell a LOT of prints.

Congratulations Mat!

Anonymous said...

That is wonderful!! Good job! love, Mom

Anonymous said...

I bet it makes people wonder what animal they are really eating at that food court eh? McElephant? Makes them crave fresh seafood. Good move dude. brilliant!

Unca John

Anonymous said...

Matt....all I can say is
WOW !!!!!!!
God sure loves many people get THIS kind of oppurtunity?
Those are breathe taking.

Can I purchase a couple of them?

For sure the Lion.
Let me or have lea let me know.
I have JUST the place for it. Thanks Sherrie

Kristy (hayward) coe said...

Thats sooooo cool!! I can see who got the talent in our family!!! I have been thinking about getting into photography... maybe it runs in the family.. who knows anyway congrats!!

Anonymous said...

SWEET. I was just wondering if you ever put them to good use congrats.
I wish you many seles