Monday, September 15, 2008


I've mentioned my friend Randy Kepple in this blog several times. For the past couple of years we have talked about getting together to shoot. For one reason or another we've never been able to do it until now.

His daughter Kara is a senior in high school this year. She wanted her Dad to do her Senior Portraits and she has such a tight schedule it had to be this past Sunday or else it could potentially have been months before they would have been able to do it again. It just happened to work out that I had free time Sunday so I invited myself along to hold reflectors, snap a few photo's and hang out.

Since Randy made the drive up from Portland I figured his tail was probably pretty numb anyway so I recommended we make the hour + drive to Sedro Woolley, WA to shoot at the abandoned mental hospital/dairy farm/slaughterhouse. I know it sounds creepy and the fact that when we arrived, a blood and guts horror movie was being filmed at the same site complete with brains splattered on a blue lit wall, fake blood everywhere, guns and more didn't necessarily help with the first impression. We had good spots scoped out in Everett so my reputation was on the line by recommending this place :) The truth is, it's a great place to shoot with a very diverse range of locations from dark and grungy with peeling paint and broken brick to tall grass with charming barns.

Kara has clearly spent her entire life in front of her Dad's camera's and even after an unfortunate mishap when she was two that involved a stool, a Hasselblad and gravity she was very comfortable in front of the camera and made an excellent model. It was a great pleasure to watch Randy at work. He is an expert at finding light in any scenario and the light was absolutely beautiful. The apple did not fall far from the tree with Kara as their sense of humor was contagious. It was a great deal of fun as well as educational and I really appreciate the opportunity to participate in the day. Here are a few pics I grabbed.

It was a great treat to watch Randy at work.
You would not believe the size of the spider she had to shoo away for this pose.

Too much fun!
Heading back on our hike we stopped for one last photo.


Randy said...


It was a real treat to go out and shoot with you yesterday. Finally! :)

Great images of Kara. She is a sweetheart and has a smile and eyes that light up any room. And that's more than just a proud father speaking!

Thank you for taking time away from your family to hang out with us and create a special day with father and daughter that we will always remember and laugh about fondly.

You failed to mention the HUGE thing that landed on your chest the size of a spider from the movie Arachnophobia!

Thanks for a great day Mat...

Cory Parris said...

Hey Mat,
The images look good and looks like you had a great time. I look forward to going up there sometime!

Anonymous said...

Love the photos, especially those of Randy and Kara! A very special moment indeed since it's so difficult getting him in front of the camera! Tammy