Saturday, October 25, 2008

Halloween Party at the Hayward House!

My wife Lea loves to throw parties for the kids. She's been planning for weeks to entertain a group of girls and really outdid herself with fun games, great prizes and tasty treats!

FYI, I'm flying to Reno early AM for a shoot so no blog post tomorrow...sorry. I'll be back Monday night though, hopefully with something really interesting

Lea had been practicing all week to perfect the Barbie Doll Halloween cake. She nailed it!
Worms were freezing in ice cubes waiting to be plunked in Lea's famous punch.
Spider Web Pizza for dinner
Mummy Wrap Race
The mummy wrap game was fun but the clean up game was even more fun!
Digging through a pot filled with guts, ears, eyeballs and brains for a prize was an icky endeavor.
When one of the girls announced that she was almost sure the pot was full of spaghetti and not guts I decided to experiment and see if she was right.
These squishy, sticky eyes were the prizes found in the brain and guts pot. They were a big hit!
When I saw the kids trying to eat their owl eye cupcakes by using their hands I made an immediate correction to the party foul :)

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Anonymous said...

First, let me say that both Savannah and Sophie's Federal Agent costumes were a little off, but both are too cute to complain.

Second, young Mathew's costume scares me just as much all of those nights as a child when I saw him in the tightie whities.