Saturday, September 06, 2008

Andrea and Reid are married!

Friday night on one of the most beautiful days I can recall in recent history, Andrea and Reid were married at one of my favorite venues to photograph a wedding... Newcastle Golf Club. Their event was organized by a stellar coordinator Jenny Harding whom I would recommend to anyone planning a wedding with absolute confidence. The entire wedding day was flawless!

I arrived early to get some detail shots before Andrea got ready. Just to check in I found Andrea upstairs getting her makeup put on. I think she would agree with me when I say she was a little nervous though she was keeping her cool. Years ago, Andrea and her brother Ryan worked with me at McGrath's in Vancouver. We ran into each other at Alex and Trina's wedding last year and they booked me. Even back when she was a teenager working at the FishHouse, Andrea had it going on. She has always struck me as an intelligent, hard working, kind woman with a huge heart. She found her match in Reid has he seems to share the exact same qualities. Her brother Ryan was the same way, hard working, witty, and an all around good guy. Having met their parents tonight I see why. Both families were so much fun to hang around with!

They hired a killer band as well! Maurice the Fish seriously rocked it! I love getting in the middle of the dance floor and shooting wide angle right smack in the middle of all the energy. There was no shortage of energy tonight, let me tell you!

The ceremony took place outside while the sun was setting and it simply couldn't have been more perfect. Here are some photo's from the day...

Getting makeup on.

An awkward moment I stumbled upon before the ceremony ;)

Stunning view, stunning dress, stunning bouquet, stunning bride!
This little flower girl was just too darn cute not to add to the blog.
What a stunning image on these candy bars! :)

Talk about a beautiful sunset.

I love the out of focus shapes of Andrea, Reid and her Father while praying in the background.

What a view!
1st Dance
Andrea and her Dad had some serious moves on the dance floor.
Maurice the Fish...a seriously cool band!
The newlyweds are sent off in style!


Anonymous said...

wow these pictures are amazing mat i cant wait to see the rest of them you took can you put some of the dancing up here i would like to see some of those

Sergio said...


awesome use of off camera flash; very dramatic and powerful. Love it!


Sophia said...

Love #7 and #9, great photos!