Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Emerald Downs, Tom Skerritt and good times

On Labor Day, Lea, the girls and I drove down to the Emerald Downs race track and we had a great time! I've never been before and I found myself asking why the heck not! The horses are absolutely incredible. My gambling urge got the best of me and I even placed a few bets. I lost all but one bet when I bet on a horse to place either First, Second or Third. I paid $10, the horse came in 3rd and they handed me back $12! Woohoo! If that would have been the only bet I placed I would've been in good shape :) I suppose I should stick to playing poker.

After each race, the winning horse heads to the Winners Circle for a photo-with the owner(s) and family. It's clearly a proud moment for them all to be there. I can only imagine the money, time and commitment required to train a horse to that level. They are so fast!

One race, a horse dominated...I wish I had been paying closer attention because when the horse headed to the winners circle it was greeted by the great actor Tom Skerritt! Picket Fences used to be one of my favorite shows and reading up on his bio for this post I was reminded of how many awesome movies he has starred in. Truly one of my all time favorite actors. It was a great treat seeing him at the track. It's hard to believe he is 75 as he looks like he could be in his 40's!

10 minutes before each race, the bugle is played.
It was so embarrassing..world famous actor Tom Skerritt shouted out in front of the crowd.."Ist that the famous photographer Mat Hayward?! Then he started snapping pics with his I-Phone. The paparazzi never leave me alone I tell ya :)
This guy is 75! Are your kidding me?!?
Aaaaaand they're off!

These horses are seriously ripped!

A close finish!

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Randy said...

Mat...you're one funny guy. What possessed you to go to Emerald Downs?

Tom Skerritt is the genuine thing. I met him at a wedding and he was approachable, friendly and warm. Great guy and I wish he would do more movies. He's a great actor.

That photo of the horse's leg is amazing. Seriously ripped is spot on!