Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Pink, Pink and More Pink!

Can anybody guess what Savannah's favorite color is? Lea spent several days painting Savannah's room this week. For those of you thinking to yourselves.."What kind of monster lets his wife paint a room without helping?" Think put it delicately, Lea likes painting to be done a certain way. She takes it very seriously and I must admit, she does a great job. Who am I to stop her? That reminds me though, I need to let her know it's time for the lawn to be mowed next time we have a sunny day.

The cool thing about this paint job is it made for some good stock photo's. Here are a couple and the last is the lucky kid in her newly decorated room. You can see, she loves horses too.


Meg said...

Cute new room! Ella is getting excited to see the girls :)

Anonymous said...

It really is cute. Just a shame they think her favorite color is Pink when it's really Green and Gold!

Love> too much time on my hands now Brett F!