Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Ed Pierce Seminar

Here is a quick photo I grabbed of world famous Portrait Photographer Ed Pierce at his seminar in Seattle on Sunday. This guy has got it going on. He is an energetic, charismatic speaker and that guy is pimped out with sponsors everywhere you look! He was so good about integrating his sponsors in his message that you really wanted to go and buy what he was selling. Luckily, I already had most of it. I was so happy to see a familiar face at the seminar. My friend who happens to be a great photographer Brett Percival was there too. While we were chatting Ed came up to us and we had a brief chat about his tour. We learned he is hitting 68 cities in the US sharing his expertise with thousands of photographers and selling a boat load of DVD's and photo gadgets. I couldn't help myself and did buy one of his calibration targets. All you Bride's and Groom's I'm about to shoot can thank Ed for the big grey target I'm going to put in front of you during our portrait sessions :)

It was an interesting seminar. We were pretty far back in what he called a "Bowling Alley" hotel ballroom so we missed a bit. One of the things I thought was interesting was he asked for a show of hands how many photographers shot digital. 442 arms shot in the air. Then he asked how many only shot film..8 lonely hands tentatively lifted their arms. 8 out of 450! That is a staggering figure. I just couldn't believe it...no way were there 8 people still shooting with film..what the heck are those guys thinking? :)

I did pick up some cool tips and tricks. I've been playing with my studio lights the last couple of weeks and I'm going to post some of the results shortly. The seminar gave me some new ideas too.

Something else that appealed to me...Ed told Brett and I he printed off the large prints you see in the photo of the hotel lobby in one day. About 14 minutes each print. These things are huge! The quality was amazing. I might just have to pick up one of those Canon Prograf 8100 printers
some day :) Lea would be thrilled with that purchase I'm sure!

Have a good one!


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