Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Dramatic Lighting

Woohooo!! I finally figured out how to make my photo's bigger on blogger!

I've been playing around with different light techniques using a combination of studio strobes and reflectors. I found my favorite reflector doesn't reflect light, it's black and it absorbs the light. For the brighter shots I used a reflector that does reflect rather than absorb. It's a blend of Gold and Silver and creates nice skin tones. For the shots with the dramatic shadows I placed a strobe with a large soft box just inches from the right side of the face with the black reflector inches from the left. I really like the effect quite a bit. The wrinkled old man is my Dad who stopped by to torment the Grandkids for a little while. Little did he know he was in for an hour long photo session :) Your welcome for Photoshopping out most of the wrinkles Dad!

As always, I love to get comments on the blog and would really like to know what you think of these images.



I like how dark this one is.
This time I used a gold and silver blended reflector with one soft box.
Dang! That is a seriously good looking woman!

My little Angel

Is this girl going to be a model or what?
Scary Looking Dude eh?

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John said...

Wow Pat, the years haven't been kind to you have they? Dang. (if that sounds mean, keep in mind, the last time we ran into each other, that was HIS opening comment to ME, paybacks are a bitch heh heh) The new filters are way cool. You should probably find a time with Jenni to take her and Tyson's engagement picture to get things rolling, she would like that! Who knows when the wedding date is, but hey, an engagement picture is fun.