Saturday, March 01, 2008 (not so) secret obsession

In case you weren't already convinced I am a nerd, I am sure this will seal the deal for you. I am a PEZ collector. This doesn't mean I buy a Meet the Robinson's PEZ at the Grocery store and stash it in a drawer with a few others. It doesn't even mean that I have a couple dozen on a shelf somewhere. I literally have thousands and thousands of PEZ dispensers. It would be bad enough if I were to just buy one of each but there are so many different variations I have lost track. When I got home from work tonight I saw Lea had put out all the Easter Decorations at our house. This got me to thinking about some of my favorite PEZ dispensers...the Fat Eared Bunnies or FEB's to us PEZ geeks :) They haven't made them for around 20 years or so but they were the main Easter PEZ for around 30 years prior to that. The most obvious variation are those with feet and those without. Sometime I think in the late 80's they started to add feet for balance. The most sought after PEZ to us nerds are those without feet. Then you get into the different patent number variations which have subtle differences in stem colors, head colors all that jazz. The FEB's are a great example of different variations. I have others, but this is a good mix showing some yellows, pinks and subtle differences in stem colors. Hey, if you have any old PEZ dispensers gathering dust in your attic, send them my way would ya? Even Better! Call your parents or Grandparents and ask them if they have any hidden in their attic :)


Anonymous said...

Dude, can we see the Chia?


Cory Parris said...

FEPC - Fat Eared Pez Collector! Go Nerds!