Wednesday, February 20, 2008

More train and car shots

Check out this train off the tracks abandoned in the forest. It was about 50 yards or so away from the super cool car!

My good friend and extremely talented photographer Randy Kepple is undertaking a very cool personal work project this year. He is a far more articulate writer than I am and you should check out his Inspired Photo Blog and read his post Art in the Ruins. It describes exactly the sentiment I was hoping to portray in the images below.

5 comments: said...

What a very nice photo u got there! i love ur photos


Randy said...

Mat...these are wonderful! It's inspiring to see that you felt compelled to take camera in hand and wander through your world and share with us the things that spoke to you. There is a lot of power in these images.

Quiet, still places that feel forgotten. These are the things that we need to remember.

Thanks for sharing your inspiration and for having the courage to go out and explore what moves you! I hope you continue on this journey and will share it with us.

just jamie said...

Stumbled upon your blog. Man, awesome photos! I'll check back for more.

Anonymous said...

Uh, why didn't you just go to Dad's house at the lake? Just try looking around the side somewhere, as I think I saw a car, couple kids, some animals, I mean, everything you need in one easy location! Maybe he should lease it as a photo gallery. I could get you some action shots from work, but the smell can't be captured!

your baby brother

Sabri said...

Hey, great art..

I love the second pic of the car.

You know what I will do with the train?

My little run-away-train-cabin!

I actually forgot how I got here, but you know how it is with surfing - you always ended thousands of miles away from where you came from but I am surely glad I found your blog.