Monday, February 18, 2008

Art in Decay

After walking the tracks two or three times with different lenses I went around the back side to see if there was access to the back row of decayed trains. There was an open gate with a few house scattered around. The fence was a bit more dense and the view of the trains was obstructed pretty much everywhere. Making my way, I saw away from the fenced area in the middle of the woods were two trains abandoned and slowly becoming a part of the forest. There were No Trespassing Signs all over the place so I didn't venture in (too far). I grabbed a few shots of the trains (I'll post later) and was heading out when the sunlight hit a piece of metal somewhere and reflected in my eye. I turned to look and there was this car. I was really thrilled to find it. I'm curious as to it's story. Whose was it? How did it get there? How long ago? Like the abandoned trains, it too was becoming a part of the forest. In 100 years will it be recognizable?

Needless to say with the sun setting directly behind it, I fired off quite a few shots. A dog started barking at the house down the way while heading towards me with a menacing growl and the the hair above his neck standing on end. I knew from my years as a vet tech that was a bad sign. Then the owner came out and gave me the stink eye so off I went. But wow, what a car!


Meg said...

Wow, the car shot is beautiful.

Anonymous said...