Sunday, February 24, 2008

Harlem Globetrotters

Savannah and I had a great time at the Everett Events Center. We had front row seats to see the Harlem Globetrotters! I used to love the Globetrotters when I was a kid and it's so neat to see Savannah get that same twinkle in her eye that I had watching them do their magic. It was a good game with the Globetrotters squeaking a win in over the Washington Generals whose team motto is "Winning isn't everything." It's a good motto for them as they haven't been able to beat the Globetrotters since 1971!

I learned just minutes too late that the team had stopped by the Mall to promote the game and a few of the players ate at my restaurant. I was knee deep in paperwork and found out too late.

Unfortunately, security confiscated my camera on the way in to the game. I had called ahead to ask if cameras were allowed. They said everything but video cameras were OK. Turns out that was a bit vague and only point and shoot cameras were allowed. To clarify I restated their policy....taking photographs is allowed, just not good ones. C'est Lavie. I scared the heck out of the nice lady charged with keeping it when I told her how much it cost. When I showed up to pick it up I didn't even have to give her my claim slip as she said "I was getting so worried when you were taking so long to get it." I thought that was pretty nice of her. Aside from the miscommunication on the phone, they really do a nice job running that place. The staff is friendly and efficient. Even the food vendors seem like genuine good people. Not the typical "carnival employee" type you run into at most arena's.

Since Savannah and I didn't have any parental supervision (Mom stayed home with Sophie :) we went a bit hog wild at the concession stand and by the time we left people were asking Savannah for autographs mistaking her for one of the players.

After the game the players take the court and sign autographs for a half and hour. It was a bit chaotic so we were only able to get to one player. Lucky for us it was Scooter Christensen
who showed us some of the most amazing ball control we have ever seen. That guy can seriously dribble!

They did have "official" photographers all over the place and they grabbed a quick shot of Savannah and Scooter which can be seen and purchased here. That's a pretty good idea actually. While they were using Nikon Cameras, cheap lenses and direct flash I still think the pic came out alright.

Here are a couple of photo's taken after the event. It was a lot of fun and if they Globetrotters are playing in a town near you I recommend you go and check them out. They put on a great show!

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