Tuesday, December 25, 2007

It's a White Christmas!

I'm not just talking about the Snow that's pouring outside right now. Lea got me the best gift ever! Warm, PJ's with feet from Big Feet Pj's.com I don't even know how many years I have wanted footed PJ's! I never knew they made them for adults. Warm, fuzzy and nostalgic! The best part is the flap in the back for a bit of AC if they get too hot. That's what I meant about a white christmas, I've been walking around with the flap down horrifying my poor family :)

Santa Claus was good to us all, Savannah got a huge barn and coral for her horses, Sophie got a giant doll house with approximately 1,000,000,000,093 pieces. Lea got some earrings and I got a Fish Eye Lens I had been wanting for a long time! The greatest gift of all however is my incredible family. We are healthy, we are happy and we are filled with love! I hope that you all have the same blessings and wish you the very Merriest of Christmas!



John said...

Hey glad to see a new blog, and especially great that we get to see your backside! I had thought your house was getting warped from all the rain when i saw the front porch pictures with bent walls-whew, then I read about the fisheye lens. cool effect. I wonder if i pester Meg enough she might update those HALLOWEEN pictures on her blog ;-)

Meg said...

Yea.. that's a scary booty shot Mat LOL... Hey John I've been posting pix on my myspace account...my friends have sucked me over there, so I've de-blogged :(