Monday, December 10, 2007

An early Christmas

Saturday night I arrived home from work to find about 20 of Lea's family members at the house all waiting for me so they could eat a seriously good dinner prepared by my very talented bride. From then until now it has been a whirl wind of activity. We had a great time opening presents, playing spoons...I need to stop there...spoons with Lea's family is a vicious sport. More than one person was bleeding before that game was over...I am not joking. Blood was shed. They do not mess around with spoons....

Anyway, we had a great time visiting with everyone. Lea's Sister asked if I wouldn't mind taking some photo's of her with her children and husband Corey for their Christmas card. We turned it into an afternoon photo shoot and got some good shots. This is the pic that made the card. Pretty good eh?

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