Friday, October 27, 2006


The way I see it, Marriage is about compromise. Give and Take. If you don't give, you shouldn't take. Now, in my marriage as some of you know, if I don't give I don't have the option to take so I'm going to compromise publicly. Tonight I was feeling a bit...hmm, well for lack of a better term...random. I was looking through photo's I haven't finished and there is a folder with about a trillion pics from my birthday on June 12 (mark it in your calendar if it isn't there already, I like vintage PEZ and Canon L lenses). One of the pics from that day I did finish for whatever reason was a photo of a boot. Yep, a boot. Not my boot. Not Lea's boot, nor either of the girls. Just a boot on a wall. Why it was on a wall I don't know, but it was a boot. I took a picture of it, I processed it before a million others but I couldn't tell you why. Nor could I tell you why I felt compelled to post the picture of the boot on the blog tonight when I should be in bed getting rested so I can give a big meeting early in the morning for all of my eager staff members (there was a sarcastic tone there in case you didn't pick it up.) Anyway, I told my beautiful wife whom I love and adore with all of my heart that before I went up to bed I was going to post the pic of the boot on my blog. She in her feminine tone of disapproval asked "aren't you going to post a pic from the pumpkin patch?" Me in my infinite wisdom didn't pic up on the fact that this was not merely a comment or suggestion but rather a serious comment that should have been perceived as a deadly threat should it go unheeded. Needless to say I am posting a photograph of my beautiful family (and me) on my blog for you all to see. This was taken last Sunday at "The Farm" where we joined our friends the Parris family to get Pumpkins, go in mazes and all that fun stuff. My friend Cory who happens to be one of the top wedding photographers in the Seattle area ( was kind enough to take the photo for me.

Oh yeah...I'm still posting the pic of the boot :)


Pete Hayward said...

How come there is only ONE boot-always? Do people get the other chopped off? IT scares me. You look weird with the face hair. Coupled with that flanel shirt, I feel as if I don't know you anymore what'syourface

Anonymous said...

cute family pic, i will take a 5x7 grandma

Jon Boy said...

Geez Pete,
Your brother is a good looking son of a beotch. What happened to you?