Friday, October 13, 2006

A couple more

Hey everyone, thank you very much for the kind words! I thought I would post a couple pics from the night before the wedding before I call it a night.

The guys at the bar are Ralph, Ellie and Bill. Ralph is in the middle, he owns the Ranch along with his great wife Trish. Ellie is the furthest from the shot, he's a retired rodeo guy whose son is the Marlboro Man and Bill is one heck of a great guy with an awesome sense of humor who was nice enough to let me sleep in his deluxe Winnebago the whole week.

The Frog Racing was too much fun. I don't even know how much money was raised all said and done, but I know the first Frog shattered the previous Ranch record by nearly 400%! I'm sure I'll be posting a couple more photo's from the Frog race because it was just too dang funny.


John said...

frogs? did someone say they wanted frog pictures? i know where there is some

Jayme Dawn said...

This is like Christmas!! Every day I am thrilled to see more fun shots, the suspense is killing me... ;)

Andrew said...

Great pics mat. Very professonial photos.
IT seems like you should be working for sports magazine.
Keep the good work up.

Rick Pape said...

Hi Mat` Love all the pics,that is so cool you got to experience the game so close to the action. I am very envious.I think you found your
calling. take care, Rick
aka: your brother inlaw