Monday, April 24, 2006

Sophie's almost 2!

A brief blog as I'm up past my bedtime as it is. Lots of photo's taken this week. Nicole and Andrew's engagement session was at the beautiful Seattle Arboretum. One of the photo's is posted here. They are getting married shortly and I am very excited to photograph their special day!

Today we drove up to Mt. Vernon where it was around 70 degrees and perfect! We hit the Tulip Festival which is amazing. Talk about eye candy. We then headed over to Uncle John's house where he and Vickie graciously invited us into their home to raid the wine cellar, eat pizza and wait for Hummingbirds to make an appearance. The Hummingbirds never showed, but the Turley Zinfandel was very yummy as was the Bogle Petite Sirah and the Pizza..Thanks again you two!

Sophie is turning two on Wednesday. Tomorrow is a short(er) day for me at work so we're hitting Chuck E Cheese in the evening with some good friends. Should be fun. A photo of the Birthday girl is above and of course a Tulip from today.

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Pete Hayward said...

Happy Birthday Sophie!!!