Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Gorilla's are done

Well I took the Zoo's request pretty seriously and went out there every opportunity I had over the last couple of weeks. It was tricky the first few times I went because one of the habitat's was undergoing a renovation that required the zoo to keep one group on display and the other locked up out of sight so it was a crap shoot as to which group I would get. Almost every time it was group 2 and almost every time the big Silverback Vip hid out of sight. One day I got in the Zoo before it opened which was super cool, I walked up to the Gorilla display and there he was. I got a few shots off and away he went. Lucky timing really. Then Monday I went back and they had the second habitat open. It was really a great shoot and I finished getting my shots. The photo's I posted here are the ones I submitted to the Zoo for their display. I have tons of shots of the Gorilla's they can use if they don't like these, but these are my favorites. Let me know what you think would ya?




Pete Hayward said...

god Lea sure does get prettier every time I see her!

John said...

you know i love them monkeys. great pics!

Meg said...

Those are great Mat!