Friday, April 21, 2006

Late Night, Early Morning Thoughts

Hmm, deep title. The sad truth is that I don't have any deep thoughts right now. I just got done beating a guy in a heads up Hold em match on Full Tilt Poker who was quite possibly with the exception of my little baby brother Peter the most annoying player I've ever played. At least my brother is annoying in a humorous way. At least my brother actually understands how to play the game and when he is being annoying it is all strategy. Maybe this guy had a similar strategy, but he forgot to point out that he wasn't really a schmuck, just pretending to be one. Without going into too much detail, I'll just say that it was very gratifying to win. My poker career has been a real rollercoaster of ups and downs. I haven't been playing too much this past year as I've moved into other time consuming avenues in my life and only have so much time available. Maybe I'll start playing more. I'm sad to report that I will not be repeating my appearance in the WSOP this year though my little brother will be playing in one of the more difficult games of the tournaments. I really think he has a shot too.

Easter was fun. Lea's sister drove her two girls up from Eugene, OR. Those of you that haven't been to Eugene are really missing out. It's kind of like visiting Paris, France in a way. Most of the woman have hairy armpits. The town plant is Marijuana and the song they play before every City Council meeting is Bob Marley's "Don't Worry."

Don't forget Sophie turns 2 on April 26 and Savannah turns 5 on May 12. Probably the most important date to remember though is June 12 when I turn one year younger than my beautiful wife Lea.

Have a great day everyone!



Meg said...

Birthday party details for the girls?!

Mat Hayward said...

We already sent invites out to everyone we wanted to invite. Sorry.

Pete Hayward said...

LOL. I wouldn;t go inviting her either-the way VInce is still puking so bad from HER virus that we had to take him to the doc today cuz he lost 3 pounds and is deyhdrated.

you should still send a gift meg.(just teasing ya)

Hey, thanks for all those nice comments about my poker game. I still feel a little bit of penis enzy coming out though. "Coming out" hahahahahhaa I kill me, no you! stop, oh, do!

If I win, you can have the stupid bracelet (for a price, of course)
Thanks for the date reminders though on the bdays

Mat Hayward said...

Ha Ha, just kidding Meg. We're going to have a party in Oregon on May 21. Invitations are in the mail as I'm typing this.

While we're on the subject though, where the heck is my 5X7 of my niece?!?