Sunday, May 14, 2006

Savannah's 5!

Savannah had a great birthday party Saturday at the amazing Children's Museum in Everett. They have so many incredible activities for kid's. Some of her friends from school and neighbor kids were there to wish her a happy 5th. We had pizza, cake and all that good stuff and then the kids sprinted to the museum for fun! They have a rooftop play area with dinosaur bones to dig, musical instruments, a huge play structure and much more. We haven't seen that area before. Why haven't we seen it before you may be asking? It's weather dependant and living up here in the Puget Sound prevents that part of the Museum from being played with too much. Well, I didn't know I was going to be on the roof on one of the hottest days of the year so I didn't bother putting on sunscreen. Yeah, I'm a genius. My bald head is as red as the eyes of my Tree Frogs. You can see the picture of Savannah's big toy, she drives about as good as her Mom already.

Lea's Mom has been up all weekend too for the party and for Mother's Day. She brought her new little Shitzhu puppy Tika with her. He poops and pees a lot, but he's about as cute as a little furball can be. His picture is here too.

Savannah and Sophie both have another big party next Sunday at the Enchanted Forest in Oregon so all of our long lost relatives can see them down there soon!

Take Care and don't read my brothers blog...he's crazy


John said...

Happy Birthday Savannah! ps: that puppy sure is a cutie, almost as cute as Jasper ;-) can't wait to meet him.

Meg said...

Glad the girls had great birthdays! Ella can't wait to play with them this weekend :))

Pete Hayward said...

crazy? you forgot dang good-looking!