Monday, February 06, 2006


I just got back from the airport after a great weekend in Reno with some good friends. I came back with money, but thanks to the either blind, corrupt or just plain incompetent officials in the super hair. My brother, always a gracious winner won the bet and I had to shave my head this morning in Reno. As thin as it's been on top lately, I'm not sure it's going to grow back. Pete (my brother) seems to think that I have to keep it bald for two months, though I remember the bet being if the Hawks win, he can't shave his head or face for two months, if the Steelers won, I had to shave my head and grow a mustache. We'll see how that plays out in the negotiations.

Back to the trip. We met up with our good friend Dave Powell who owns an awesome restaurant in Sparks, Nevada called the Vista Grille. Dave and his beautiful wife Micki we awesome hosts as we invaded their restaurant and devoured tons of great food and incredible wine. The service was good, the food was good, but the company was the best! Ed, Dan, Dave, Steve, Jim... I had a great time playing in Reno with you guys...lets do it again soon (after we recover from our hangovers). Dave has been getting pretty good playing poker on Full Tilt so I convinced him to put his skills to the test in a live game. There is a picture of him drinking a beer at the table. He walked away with a lighter wallet, but heavier experience load. I believe we'll be seeing him back at the tables soon. After Dave played, Jim sat down at the table as well. I'm not entirely convinced that Jim could even see the cards in front of him at the time, but he was cleaning up the table. There is a photo of him raking in a monster stack of chips after crushing the table. He finally closed the table down as no one had an answer to his unorthodox, effective style of play. They all bailed out on him. I wish I would have taken more pictures. I've also added a photo of my new haircut thanks to the horrible calls the officials made in that game. Without going off on a rant...yes there were dropped passes and an interception that hurt bad. I believe the most damage was done however when the momentum would shift so dramatically by stealing a touchdown away from the Seahawks and giving the gift of a touchdown call to the Steelers (am I the only one that thought the line judge appeared to change his mind about calling him down after several seconds?)...OK, I can go on but I don't want to sound like a whiner. They had a great year and I hope next year is even better!


Meg said...

Where are the Reno photos?! I did get the shot of your bald noggin on our endearing brother Peter's blog - I will let you know that I will never be betting my hair on anything hee hee -

Pete Hayward said...

You know what they say...the the team that loses the super bowl IS the #1 loser!