Monday, January 12, 2009

The Rock

There has been a very interesting mix of responses to the photo I posted earlier. I've been really excited about it and have sent it to pretty much everyone I know. There are some reactions of amazement, some nice comments that it's a good photo, though they don't put a lot of stock put into seeing faces in grilled cheese sandwiches, soup, shower curtains and rocks. I can say that I fell into that category until I discovered this photo.

Why the change of tune? Because I took it of course. It's probably the only way to be 100% sure I'm not being duped.

At the church we go to, the Pastor put the photo up on the big screens at all the services throughout the day. All said and done, a couple thousand people viewed it yesterday. Pastor Nate asked people if they could see the image to raise their hand. A little more than half the room did so at the service I went to and Lea said about the same at the one she attended (we went separately, I had to work all day).

Let me assure you, my Photoshop skills are I think above average but to create something like this would require some seriously advanced work if it would be possible at all. I shot this photo (and after viewing my deleted pics...5 others) in RAW format. If it came down to it I would be able to prove the validity with those files. As far as I know you cannot manipulate the base of a RAW file. I cropped the shot in to show you just how integrated into the rock the image is. I've been searching the internet looking at various images of shadows and designs people claim resemble Jesus. Maybe they do, maybe they don't. I realize I am biased because it's my shot but I have not found anything this dramatic anywhere out there. Have you?


Anonymous said...

Thats interesting that some people didnt see it!! How can you not see it? One of the guys here at work said possibly its was carved because of the difference in texture??? Its awesome no matter what!....redgma

Fellow said...

my wifey says It's a sign that we're being watched over...
good enough for me.

Anonymous said...

Hi Mat
I love this photo.Wow so detailed.

Jen said...

Matt! That is SO amazing! I can't believe you didnt see it at first, lol. Did you see the movie Steve Poole is here? Kinda reminded me of you and this picture. :O)