Sunday, January 04, 2009

Twiga Twilight

I'm in the groove on finishing up the remaining 1,500 images I have to edit from my trip to Tanzania last year. This is another photo that I didn't see a lot of potential with until I started to play with it in Lightroom. Now that I've edited it I really like it quite a bit. This was taken just moments after I watched a pride of Lion's chase down and attack a lioness that was trying to get a piece of the dead elephant the pride had already claimed as it's own. The sun had just gone down and my guide was racing the light as quickly as we could to get back to camp before dark. You are not allowed to be out on the roads after dark in Tarangire and he didn't want to get in trouble. I remember seeing this giraffe munching with the pretty sky and I coaxed Nickson into stopping so I could grab a quick shot.

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Microstock Photography said...

Hey Mat,

I love this shot. The colors, composition, etc.. overall a great shot.

PS: I've seen the recent blog. That is quite amazing. Isn't it funny, how we get so stuck with the layers, colors, and other workflow steps that we can miss that image in a rock :) When I first looked at it, I was analyzing the colors, and the first thing I thought was, Here is an HDR image done very well :)