Monday, June 30, 2008

Adventure Bound!

I'm sorry to inform you that this will be my final blog post for a few weeks. I know many of you live and breath and hang on pins and needles in anticipation of my next post but you are just going to have to wait :)

For those of you that do not know I will be traveling to Tanzania, Africa for an adventure safari. I'm flying off by myself and will spend most of the time camping in the tent you see in the photograph. There will be a couple of days in hotel's so I can hopefully bathe to prevent the animals from running away at the first scent :)

My plan is to keep a daily journal on the trip. When I get back I will post my journal entries in their entirety day by day and will include my favorite photo's from the day of the journal entry. If you've read my blog for a while you know I can be a bit long winded so beware :)

I fly from Seattle to San Francisco then it's a 10 hour flight to London where I have a 6 hour layover and I'm seriously debating whether or not that's enough time to go through customs and hop a cab to see some sites. We'll see. From there it's 8 and a half more hours in a plane to Kenya where I wait for a few hours to hop a puddle jumper to Tanzania. I'll be picked up at the airport and escorted to a town that serves as the hub of Tanzania called Arusha.

Early in the morning I'm off to Tarangire National Park where I will camp for 2 days then off to Lake Manyara National Park for a day followed by the main event the Serengeti for 4 days where millions of Wildebeests are migrating providing an all you can eat buffet for the carnivores of Africa..should make for a good photo op :) After the Serengeti it's a couple days at Ngorongoro Crater, back to Arusha and home.

I am very excited about this trip. Since I will be by myself I get to follow my own agenda which is cool. My plan is pre-sunrise beginnings shooting animals with a long lens through the golden hour and sunsets every night as well with sleep during the day. Stay tuned for a fun batch of stories near the end of the month!



Meg said...

Can't wait to hear all about it, and see the photogs - Have an amazing adventure!

Lots of Love, Meg, Mike, Ella, Avery

Anonymous said...

Have a great time and be careful! love, Mom

Anonymous said...

I hope you have fun, you are friggin nuts you know that right? I heard the mesquitos are the size of bats over there. That tent of yours will certainly protect you from a herd of 200 elephants on a rampage, I wouldn't worry about that. While you're over there, I'll be here with my HBO, internet, wine, and refrigerated foods thinking about you. have fun you goofball.
Uncle John

Anonymous said...

Hello Love, People that you are I talk to are often surprised that your wife is letting you go (Savannah's words to her teacher :) and surprised that I am not going with you. The truth is I have much peace about it. I want you to know that you deserve this and much more. You have worked incredibly hard for our family,sacrificing so much. In September you will have been with McGrath's 20 years! You have been loyal, honest and committed to them, just as you have been to the girls and I. You are a wonderful man in every sense of the word and we are all blessed to have you. I hope that you have the experience of a lifetime and that you absorb all of God's blessings that you so much deserve.
I miss you already!
Your Wife