Tuesday, April 01, 2008

8 Years!

Because we were fools in Love...April 1, 2000 Lea made the dumbest..er, I mean I made the smartest decision (emphasize the good right?) of my life. I married my beautiful, sweet, sexy, funny wife Lea on a private beach in Maui, Hawaii.

To celebrate, Lea, the kids and I packed up our car and headed over the pass for a beautiful drive to Leavenworth, WA.

I'll post about Leavenworth when I get some more photo's done. In a nutshell, we loved the town, the experience, the hotel, all of it. Charm on top of charm.

As I was going through my initial edit of photo's, these two stood out as a pair of photo's that define our marriage. I am the luckiest man alive. I don't know anyone who would dispute that fact. Lea is wondering what the heck she was thinking by saying yes! I know she is going to be so mad at me for posting this. I just can't help myself. Besides, it's what you get for marrying me on April Fools Day :)

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Gina K. said...

Why does Lea look so freaked out?? "8 Years!"
Love you guys. Hope you are all well.