Thursday, January 24, 2008

The Mat Hayward Photo Challenge

Hey Photographers! On Sunday April 20 pack your gear and get ready for a great time at Friday Harbor on San Juan Island! We'll be on the Ferry from Anacortes ready to take spectacular photographs of a variety of subjects hopefully including the amazing Orca Whales.

The challenge will begin at 12:01AM for those opting to spend the night on the island Saturday and will conclude at 11:59PM for those opting to spend the night Sunday. The challenge? Take the best photo of the day. It doesn't have to be a Killer Whale, doesn't have to be an animal. It can be of course, but whatever you see that day either in Anacortes, on the Ferry or anywhere on the Island or the Western Prince Whale Watching Boat that strikes your fancy is eligible for the contest. There is a maximum of 25 allowed on the boat so if we get more interest than that I will research backup boats for overflow.

Already there has been a great response and some incredible photographers have stepped up to the challenge and committed to join us. If you are just beginning or are a seasoned pro, don't hesitate to join us. This isn't an intense competition. It's about fun. Many of us take photographs for a living. I firmly believe it is vital to our success and well-being to stick to our roots and make sure to take photographs just for the sake of taking photographs. It feeds my soul to do so and I know it does for many others. Don't get me wrong though...I'm a competitive guy and having this be a challenge with a trophy at the end is incentive for me to do my best and I hope it will be for you too. I have a passion for photography. I always have and I expect I always will. Not once, not ever do I want to see it as a "job." I absolutely love photographing weddings. It is an incredibly rewarding, satisfying career that I am continuously awed by. There is more to photography than shooting weddings however and these types of functions can help hone your skills, feed your soul and just be a good time.

I will post plenty more details in the days to come. If you are interested in joining us, please shoot an email to and let me know. Space is very limited. You will need to cover the cost for your ticket on the Western Prince (I'll let you know the price asap) as well as a $10 entry fee to cover the cost of the prize (100% of the proceeds will go to the prize(s?) Mark the date on your calendar and plan to join us!

A couple other random details...

Within 72 hours of the contest you will need to submit to me your 5 favorite photo's from the day. I will post them on my blog and will have a voting box for folks to vote on their favorites. Because there will be so many photo's we will probably have two rounds of voting. Round one will knock it down to the top ten then the final round will determine the winner(s).

All entrants must be willing to have their entries published in Popular Photography Magazine and/or blog. They have expressed an interest in running the story which is absolutely fantastic news that I believe will work out well for all of us!

More details to follow.....

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